Flash Kids

Big Book of Preschool Activities

By Flash Kids Editors (Author)

Series Flash Kids Preschool Activity Books


Pub Date 5/3/2022

ISBN 9781411480629

Format Paperback



Big Book of Preschool Activities

by Flash Kids Editors
Kids practice all their preschool skills with this huge, interactive activity book! 
This jumbo book of preschool activities teaches kids key early-learning skills through creative, interactive play. Preschoolers tackle age-appropriate (and fun) activities while developing fine motor skills. Hundreds of pages of hands-on learning include coloring, tracing letter and number games, and mazes. Achievement stickers encourage kids to progress through the entire book!

Flash Kids educational products focus on fast, fun learning. Developed for children in grades K-8, they take a lighthearted approach to serious educational content. In an age of rigorous standardized testing and increased emphasis on performance, Flash Kids encourages caregivers and children to enjoy the simple delight of learning new things together. Most importantly, Flash Kids products are an easy, affordable way to bridge the gap between school and home. Let Flash Kids introduce the key skills for each age and stage—and offer the guidance you need to help your child achieve success every step of the way. Developed by educators and caregivers in accordance with educational standards, Flash Kids flashcards and workbooks cover essential skills in a way that makes learning quick, easy, and fun! 

Title Details

Pages 384 pages, all in color

Trim 8.5 x 10.8 x 0 Inches

Territories World

Category Flash Kids

Age Range 2 to 5