The Covered Wagon (Barnes & Noble Library of Essential Reading)

By Emerson Hough (Author), Robert L. Dorman (Introduction)


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The Covered Wagon (Barnes & Noble Library of Essential Reading)

by Emerson Hough, Robert L. Dorman

The Covered Wagon tells the epic story of a wagon train on the Oregon Trail. First published in 1922, this historical novel offers something for everyone—action, intrigue, humor, and a classic love triangle. It is based on actual firsthand accounts of the grueling four-month overland journey, featuring cameos by famous frontiersmen Kit Carson and Jim Bridger. Both the novel and its film adaptation helped to make the wagon train an unforgettable icon of the Old West.


Emerson Hough (1857–1923) wrote for such popular magazines such as Forest and Stream and the Saturday Evening Post. An 1894 article that he wrote led Congress to take action to preserve the dwindling bison herd at Yellowstone National Park. His first book on the West, The Story of the Cowboy (1897) won him the admiration and friendship of Theodore Roosevelt and Andy Adams. Hough went on to publish several best-selling novels over the course of his career, including The Mississippi Bubble (1902) and 5440 or Fight (1909).

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