The Puzzlewright Guide to Casino Gambling

By Andrew Brisman (Author), Michael Shackleford (Foreword)


Format Paperback



The Puzzlewright Guide to Casino Gambling

by Andrew Brisman, Michael Shackleford
Read this book—and we bet that the cash you save in just one trip to the casino will more than make up for its cost!
Simply put, this is the best guide to gambling ever written. It reveals the secrets of success known only to the most expert gamblers: how to bet smart, play the cards right, recognize when the odds are in your favor, and walk away a winner. You'll learn about beating the bank with odds and probability, “the house edge,” money management, and the psychology of gambling. Here's all the info you need to play each game like a genius!
"The runaway winner as the best overall gambling encyclopedia written in the past 20 years." —Detroit Free Press

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Andrew Brisman is a writer and editor who has been an avid casino player for years. A former editor at Games magazine, he is a nationally recognized authority on games and puzzles. In addition to writing on a variety of topics, he also creates games and puzzles for adults and children. He lives in New York City, a quick three-hour drive from Atlantic City.

Pub Date: 7/6/2021

ISBN: 9781454904151

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Publisher: Puzzlewright

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