The Economics Book

From Xenophon to Cryptocurrency, 250 Milestones in the History of Economics

By Steven G. Medema (Author)


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The Economics Book

From Xenophon to Cryptocurrency, 250 Milestones in the History of Economics

by Steven G. Medema
This beautiful, authoritative volume in the popular Milestones series looks at the vital intersection among business, finance, and money.
From the philosophical dialogues of Ancient Greece and the moral contemplations of Medieval Europe to deregulation and cryptocurrency, The Economics Book presents 250 milestones in the science of the production, sale, and purchase of goods and services. These concise, engaging, informative essays examine the full gamut of subjects, revealing both the entertaining stories and the world-changing developments in the field. They shed thoughtful light on the field’s significant subdisciplines, including: mercantilism, the Enlightenment, communism, econometrics, Keynesianism, macroeconomics, game theory, cliometrics, market design theory, and the Keynesian Resurgence that emerged in the wake of the Great Recession. This vibrant, colorfully illustrated collection will captivate you with a bird’s-eye view of the development of the world’s markets, what has shaped and affected them, and what drives them today.
“Medema, an economics professor at Duke University, presents short essays about the most significant developments in economic history. Part of the Sterling Milestones series, this stand-alone volume is intended for a general audience. Entries appear in chronological order, beginning with Hesiod’s Works and Days (circa 700 B.C.E.) and concluding with the introduction of cryptocurrency in 2009. As noted in the introduction, concepts are presented in basic terms in order to be accessible to a wide audience. Taking the reader several steps beyond a typical encyclopedia entry, Medema places each development in perspective relative to the broader picture of economic history. For example, Pythagoras’ emphasis on numerical modeling of complex relationships is examined as the basis for the quantitative approach of modern economic theory. The book is beautifully illustrated and includes suggestions for further reading on every topic covered. The breadth and international scope of this volume is notable; most comparable books address only American economic history or limit their coverage to a shorter time span. A good choice for large public libraries.” —Booklist -

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Steven G. Medema is a research professor in the economics department at Duke University, where he also serves as associate director of the Center for the History of Political Economy. He is series editor of the Oxford Studies in the History of Economics, book review editor for the History of Political Economy journal, and he serves on the editorial boards of eight journals of the history of economics. He was editor of the Journal of the History of Economic Thought, president of the History of Economics Society, and served on the Executive Committee and Scientific Council of the European Society for the History of Economic Thought. He lives in NC.

Pub Date: 11/5/2019

ISBN: 9781454930082

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Format: Hardcover, Jacketed

Pages: 528 pages, all in color

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Publisher: Union Square & Co.

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