How to Draw Cute Animals

By Angela Nguyen (Author)

Series Draw Cute Stuff


Pub Date 9/25/2018

ISBN 9781454931010

Format Paperback



How to Draw Cute Animals

by Angela Nguyen
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Learn how to draw almost 100 of the cutest animals EVER . . . in no time at all!
Enter planet CUTE! This follow-up to How to Draw Cute Stuff teaches kids how to draw a menagerie of adorable creatures, from cats, dogs, hedgehogs, and hamsters to dolphins, bunnies, swans, and unicorns.

An introduction explains the popular kawaii style of art, step-by-step how-to sequences make the process simple enough for beginners, and interactive pages get budding artists practicing right away.

Angela Nguyen is known for her cute art style. She illustrated Brent Campbell’s Are Mommy and Daddy Like Me?, founded the comic series Somewhere in the World, and created Sterling’s popular book, How to Draw Cute Stuff. She is based in Los Angeles, Austin, and Portland. For more information, see

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Pages 128 pages, all in color

Trim 7 x 9 x 0 Inches

Territories US/Can/Philippines

Category Puzzles, Games & Activities | Crafts & Hobbies

Age Range 6 and up