Dot-to-Dot Puzzles for a Road Trip

By Conceptis Puzzles (Author)


Format Paperback



Dot-to-Dot Puzzles for a Road Trip

by Conceptis Puzzles
ROAD TRIP! Connect the dots . . . and have hours of fun with these expertly crafted puzzles!
Kids will enjoy these 72 entertaining dot-to-dot puzzles and their cool images. Each puzzle has 100 to 120 dots, and while most are consecutive, a few feature a multi-line style for an extra challenge.

​Conceptis Ltd. is the leading number-logic and picture-logic puzzle supplier to magazine, newspaper, book, mobile, game console, and board game providers all over the world. On average, more than 20 million Conceptis puzzles are solved each day in newspapers, magazines, books, and online, as well as on smartphones and tablets around the world.

Pub Date: 5/7/2019

ISBN: 9781454931560

Price: $7.95 / $10.95 CAN

Format: Paperback

Pages: 96 pages

Trim: 5.37 x 8.25 x 0 Inches

Territories: World

Category: Juvenile / Dot-to-Dot

Age Range: 7 to 11

Publisher: Puzzlewright Junior

Series: Puzzlewright Junior Dot-to-Dot