Sam Wu Is Not Afraid of Ghosts

By Katie Tsang (Author), Kevin Tsang (Author), Nathan Reed (Illustrator)

Series Sam Wu Is Not Afraid


Pub Date 10/9/2018

ISBN 9781454932550

Format Hardcover



Sam Wu Is Not Afraid of Ghosts

by Katie Tsang, Kevin Tsang, Nathan Reed
“Reluctant readers and fans of the Wimpy Kid series and its ilk will appreciate the book’s dynamic type, graphics galore, cartoonish illustrations, and ironic footnotes.”—Kirkus

Don’t call him scaredy-cat Sam, because Sam Wu IS NOT AFRAID of ghosts!
Except . . . he totally is.
Can he conquer his fear by facing the ghost that lives in the walls of his house?

After an unfortunate (and very embarrassing) incident in the Space Museum, Sam goes on a mission to prove to the school bully, and all his friends, that he’s not afraid of anything—just like the heroes on his favorite show, Space Blasters. And when it looks like his house is haunted, Sam gets the chance to prove how brave he can be.

A funny, touching, and charming story of ghost hunting, escaped pet snakes, and cats with attitude!

"Sam Wu has the perfect plan to prove that he’s brave: embark on a bold adventure, get a ‘trusty companion,’ and defeat the ghost in his home! After an INCIDENT that has people calling him Scaredy-Cat Sam, Sam’s efforts to prove them wrong take on a life of their own. . . . [Sam’s] authentically funny voice still appeals . . .  Reluctant readers and fans of the Wimpy Kid series and its ilk will appreciate the book’s dynamic type, graphics galore, cartoonish illustrations, and ironic footnotes. . . . will resonate with anyone who has ever felt different. . . . a solid purchase for those looking to diversify their early chapter book collections." —Kirkus

“Sam Wu loves outer space and science-fiction TV—and he’s desperate to prove he’s not the scaredy-cat his classmates think he is. So when his class goes on a trip to the local space museum, he accepts a dare to ride a rocket simulator that’s for adult riders only. And he suffers embarrassing consequences as a result. More determined than ever to demonstrate his bravery, Sam is aided by his friends Bernard and Zoe in adopting a snake and hunting down a ghost that lives in his closet. When Sam soaks his sheets in pickle juice or constructs a special ghost trap, readers are sure to be delighted, but adult readers will see his true act of courage occurs when his friends come to his house for the first time. Amid worries about what Zoe and Bernard will think of the food his mother serves for dinner, Sam stands up for his favorite Cantonese dishes, and his friends enjoy them. It’s a nice bit of cultural reflection that isn’t seen often in literature for this age group; many readers will appreciate it. VERDICT Fans of Alvin Ho and Hank Zipzer will laugh out loud at Sam’s zany ­capers.” —School Library Journal

“Sam Wu has troubles. Classmate Ralph Phillip Zinkerman the Third makes fun of him; the pet snake he bought to make himself look brave has disappeared; and a trip to the space museum becomes the scene of the INCIDENT, where an unsanctioned visit to a rocket-ship exhibit results in him wetting his pants (see trouble number one). Written with lots of energy and illustrated with ink drawings throughout (the book’s design, with its bold lettering and clever format, also makes a strong statement), this is will no doubt remind readers of the Wimpy Kid and his compatriots. The fact of Sam’s ethnicity comes out here and there—there’s a funny scene where he invites kids home for dinner—but mostly Sam is an everykid, trying to fit in, hoping he can become braver, and determined to outsmart his nemesis, Ralph, which is difficult, but not impossible. A quick read for young middle-graders.” —Booklist Online 


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Katie and Kevin Tsang met while studying at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Some of Sam Wu's experiences are based on Kevin's childhood. He works as a healthcare technology consultant. Katie writes YA as Katherine Webber. They currently live in London and Sam Wu Is Not Afraid of Ghosts is their first joint novel.

Title Details

Pages 240 pages, b-w illus. throughout

Trim 5 x 7.4 x 0 Inches

Territories US/Can

Category Middle Grade Fiction

Age Range 7 to 12