Way Beyond Black Belt Sudoku®

By Frank Longo (Author)

Series Martial Arts Puzzles Series


Pub Date 10/1/2019

ISBN 9781454933571

Format Paperback



Way Beyond Black Belt Sudoku®

by Frank Longo
Go way beyond difficult, with the hardest, most brain-busting sudoku you’ve ever seen!
Calling all sudoku-solving diehards: with every puzzle requiring upper-level strategies, this collection packs even more of a punch than our previous Beyond Black Belt Sudoku. Get ready, because you’ll encounter common advanced techniques with curious-sounding names like XYZ-Wing, Finned X-Wing, Sashimi X-Wing, Swordfish, Jellyfish, Gordonian Rectangle, and Gordonian Polygon. And you might find some tricky new things here, too, from Grouped X-Cycle and Simple Grid Coloring to 3D Medusa and Bi-Value Universal Grave. The sudoku generally become increasingly difficult as the book goes along, from “pretty darn hard” to “excruciating.” Are you up for the challenge?

Frank Longo is a freelance puzzle creator living in Hoboken, NJ. He has had over 2,000 puzzles published since 1993. Longo has written many books for Sterling, such as Hip Pocket Sudoku, Master Ninja Sudoku, Sudoku to Exercise Your Mind, and Beyond Black Belt Sudoku, as well as many crossword books. His books have combined sales of more than five million copies.

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