Chef Junior

100 Super Delicious Recipes by Kids for Kids!

By Anthony Spears (Author), Abigail Langford (Author), Paul Kimball (Author), Katie Dessinger (Author), Will Bartlett (Author)


Pub Date 5/19/2020

ISBN 9781454933618

Format Hardcover



Chef Junior

100 Super Delicious Recipes by Kids for Kids!

by Anthony Spears, Abigail Langford, Paul Kimball, Katie Dessinger, Will Bartlett
Kids cook too! This fun and inspiring guide to preparing real food is written by kids, for kids!
Cookbooks for kids often focus on bland “child-friendly” fare, but the authors of Chef Junior, five young cooks between the ages of 12 and 15, challenge that assumption. Instead, they present a repertoire of healthy, delicious, and inventive recipes that range from easy to advanced. Kids will love these dishes and drinks, including Tiramisu French Toast, Coconut Chicken Nuggets, Garden Fresh Pesto Pasta, Peach Cobbler, chocolate-y No-Bake Cookies, and Mango Lemonade, along with perennial favorites like mac ‘n’ cheese, hamburgers, pizza, and tacos. In addition, children will learn how to set up a working pantry and shop for healthy, high-quality ingredients; use kitchen tools (including knives) safely and skillfully; and create meal plans the whole family will enjoy.

The authors, Katie Dessinger, Anthony Spears, Abigail Langford, Paul Kimball, and Will Bartlett are between the age of 12 and 15 and hail from various states in the US (California, Florida, and Michigan), as well as Canada.

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Age Range 9 to 12