Moon Power

How to Harness the Magic of the Moon to Improve Your Life

By Lori Reid (Author)


Format Hardcover



Moon Power

How to Harness the Magic of the Moon to Improve Your Life

by Lori Reid
Drawing on the knowledge found in traditional folklore, Lori Reid invites readers to connect with the Moon in order to invite happiness and prosperity into their lives.
When do people prefer to make love? When do incidences of violence soar? When in the month are births more common? The answer to all these questions is: around the time of the full Moon. Moon Power investigates this phenomenon, from early beliefs to the present day, and parallels ancient wisdom with the latest scientific findings—which now prove that many of the beliefs held by our ancestors have a strong basis in fact. The Moon’s mystique has touched our souls and inspired our spirituality for millennia. And it is because of this continuing romance with the Moon that generations have interwoven a tapestry of folklore and astrology rich in Moon myth and symbolism that still underpin many modern customs. Lori Reid explores everything from lunar rhythms, tides, and eclipses, to the night goddess, moon lore, and fertility. Her combination of practical tips and expert commentary will help you bring a little Moon magic into all aspects of your everyday life—from your bedroom to the boardroom—and special phase charts let you plot the Moon’s exact course on your own key dates.

Lori Reid is a bestselling author, one of the UK’s top astrologers, and an internationally renowned hand analyst. She has written more than 40 books, which have been translated into 30 languages. Her features have appeared in Prima, Marie Claire, Best, and Company magazines and her TV work includes This Morning on ITV and appearances on GMTV, UK Living, and BBC1's Good Morning.

Pub Date: 3/5/2019

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