Self-Care Journal

366 Prompts to Help Nurture & Recharge Your Body & Soul

By Mary Flannery (Author)


Format Hardcover


Self-Care Journal

366 Prompts to Help Nurture & Recharge Your Body & Soul

by Mary Flannery
With 366 days of inspiring prompts, exercises, and tips on self-care, this beautiful gilded journal can help you focus holistically on your journey to become the best you—body, mind, and soul.
When you truly understand yourself and your needs, you’ve taken the first steps to mastering self-care. This attractive journal, created by self-help author Mary Flannery, offers daily words of wisdom from inspiring figures throughout history—from Virgil to Eleanor Roosevelt—along with reflective prompts, advice, and creative exercises to help you develop mindfulness about your daily habits. Chart the things you can do every day to better love and appreciate yourself—from the simplest, such as embracing movement, repeating an affirmation, or focusing on your breathing, to the more profound, such as journaling to let go of negative thoughts, and making mindful lists of the good things in your life.

Mary Flannery is the pen name for Katherine Furman, co-creator of Tandem Books. Katherine has written a number of books under a variety of pen names, including guided journals on gratitude (The Women’s Gratitude Journal), self-exploration (Express Yourself), humorous self-help (Cheaper Than Therapy), and fitness (The 90-Day Fitness Journal). She lives in Atlantic Highlands, NJ.

Pub Date: 12/1/2020

ISBN: 9781454939474

Price: $16.95 / $22.95 CAN

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 376 pages, all in 2-color

Trim: 4 x 6 x 0 Inches

Territories: World

Category: Body/Mind/Spirit / Self-Help & Personal Transformation

Publisher: Union Square & Co.

Series: Gilded, Guided Journals