How to Draw Cute Stuff: Around the World

By Angela Nguyen (Author)

Series Draw Cute Stuff


Pub Date 7/27/2021

ISBN 9781454943716

Format Paperback



How to Draw Cute Stuff: Around the World

by Angela Nguyen
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Maples leaves in Canada, the Statue of Liberty in the USA, Chihuahuas in Mexico, jaguars in Brazil! The fifth book in the Draw Cute series is packed with all kinds of animals, landmarks, signature food, and other popular items from around the world in Angela Nguyen's unique kawaii style. All the instructions are easy to follow and follow the format of the previous books in this series. Young readers will learn what kawaii is all about while learning about cultures outside of their own.

Angela Nguyen is a Seattle-based artist known for her cute illustration style. This is her fourth book in the Draw Cute series, following How to Draw Cute StuffHow to Draw Cute Animals, and How to Draw Cute Food. She has a presence online under the screen name Pikarar ( with 40K subscribers. In addition to being an illustrator, Nguyen is a graphic designer trained in print, motion, packaging, and digital, and currently designs voice experiences for Amazon. For more of her design work, visit

Title Details

Pages 128 pages, all in color

Trim 7 x 9 x 0 Inches

Territories US/Can/Philippines

Category Crafts & Hobbies

Age Range 6 and up