He's Not Lazy Guide to Better Grades and a Great Life

A Workbook for Teens & Parents

By Adam Price (Author)


Format Paperback



He's Not Lazy Guide to Better Grades and a Great Life

A Workbook for Teens & Parents

by Adam Price
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A relatable, interactive workbook designed to help teenage boys acknowledge and overcome their issues with poor academic motivation. The book also offers parents advice and exercises to help them become their son's ally, rather than his adversary.

This teen-friendly, hands-on, activity-oriented workbook offers a unique approach to school success: there are no study skills here—instead boys are challenged to examine the reasons they procrastinate and encouraged to be honest about their values and goals. Each short chapter delivers its message through illustrations, exercises, and stories about real teens that hit close to home. The tone is edgy (and often entertaining), with no punches pulled. The author’s aim is clear: to help teens reassess their strategy of disengagement. Parents will immediately see the appeal of the workbook because it offers the direction and lessons their sons refuse to hear from them—while keeping them involved in the process.
Praise for He's Not Lazy (Hardcover):

*“Clinical psychologist Price offers one of the most significant books of the year in this new look at an old problem—the underperforming teenage boy. . . . With today’s kids being pushed harder than ever to perform and succeed at an early age, Price’s book brings an important voice to a much needed conversation. VERDICT Highly recommended.” — Library Journal (Starred review)

“Price addresses a situation he refers to as ‘opting out,’ in which teen boys appear lazy when in fact they are reacting to fear and pressure by shunning school with avoidance and denial. Price offers examples, lessons, and advice from his 25 years as a psychologist. While the book is filled with well-documented research, it is accessible to general readers. Price helps readers make a paradigm shift in how they view their sons’ behavior, explains the science behind human brain development, provides instructions for creating a plan for success, and most importantly, outlines how parents can change their own attitudes. The parents’ change in perspective is the most important key; in the process, they will help their sons create self-sufficient, self-regulated plans. Parents, college students, teachers, and psychologists will gain a better understanding of the problem and know how to help teen boys who are going through it have a successful school career. A good addition for public library parenting collections as well as academic libraries.” —Booklist
“Price’s book will provide inspiration for scores of parents seeking to understand why their sons are floundering, and will encourage greater acceptance for how today’s teenage boys face challenges.” —Publishers Weekly

. . . a user-friendly text for parents and patients . . . Although geared towards an understanding of boys, many of these pearls of wisdom are easily applicable to girls given the authors heavy leaning on gender neutral developmental theories and science. . . . the unexpected genius of He’s Not Lazy is the comprehensive yet gentle way Price explores parents’ intergenerational contributions to their son’s difficulties. This makes He’s Not Lazy a worthy purchase for parents and clinicians alike.” —NJ Psychologist -

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Adam Price, PhD, is a clinical psychologist, expert in learning disabilities and ADHD, and author of Sterling’s He’s Not Lazy (2017). He has written for both academic and popular publications, including The Wall Street Journal and Family Circle Magazine. He currently writes a column for Psychology Today and maintains a private practice in New York City and Chatham, NJ.

Pub Date: 10/26/2021

ISBN: 9781454944256

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