How It Happened! Gum

The Cool Stories and Facts Behind Every Chew

By Paige Towler (Author), WonderLab Group (Author)


Format Hardcover



How It Happened! Gum

The Cool Stories and Facts Behind Every Chew

by Paige Towler, WonderLab Group
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Find out how gum became everyone’s favorite chewing candy in this fact-filled nonfiction book, part of the How It Happened! series.
Baseball stadiums, movie theaters, underneath your desk at school—gum is everywhere. But how did this gluey glob become everyone’s favorite candy to chomp on? Readers will love gobbling down the story of gum, from its ancient origins to its influence on “pop” culture . . . and everything in between! 
“A lively look at the history of chewing gum . . . . Energetic graphic design incorporates swaths of bright gum-ball colors with dashes of bubble-gum pink along with plenty of photographs and whimsical cartoon illustrations . . . . A diverting look at the rest of the story for a familiar product.” —Kirkus Reviews

“The How It Happened! series provides energetic, upbeat histories of everyday items that should be familiar to most kids. Pages are filled with eye-catching graphics, sidebars, photos, illustrations, and accessible text pepper with numerous exclamation points.” —Booklist

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WonderLab Group is a custom-content-creation and editorial-services firm specializing in publishing, audio, and digital content in the areas of children’s nonfiction and STEM. Their focus is on developing programmatic and 360-degree content to build nonfiction brands and franchises that promote science and inspire curious kids. 

Pub Date: 4/18/2023

ISBN: 9781454944980

Price: $18.99 / $24.99 CAN

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 192 pages, all in color

Trim: 6 x 9 x 0 Inches

Territories: World

Category: Science & Nature

Age Range: 8 to 12

Publisher: Union Square Kids

Series: How It Happened