Divination Rules

100 Tips for Flawless Fortune-Telling

By Catharine Allan (Author)

Series Rules


Pub Date 9/10/2024

ISBN 9781454945505

Format Hardcover



Divination Rules

100 Tips for Flawless Fortune-Telling

by Catharine Allan
A new entry in the Rules series, this book outlines 100 things you absolutely need to know to divine accurate and sensitive predictions from cards, tea leaves, astrological charts, and more.  

Divination Rules lists 100 bite-size guidelines for getting the best out of divinatory readings. Covering an array of different techniques including cartomancy, tasseomancy, palmistry, grounding, and numerology, clairvoyant medium Catharine Allan also includes some "rules" for purifying spaces. From opening and closing circles and meditation techniques for preparing the mind for accurate divination sessions, to differentiating false messages from real ones, these 100 divination rules will help any novice quickly become a confident practitioner. 


Catharine Allan has studied sound healing, chakra cleansing, Reiki, gemstone healing, spiritual cleansing, and Bach Flower remedies, all in the service of those who require her skill and strong healing energies. Her 33 years of experience as a medium, healer, and tarot card reader have provided her with a deep knowledge that is strengthened by her naturally powerful intuition. A sought-after medium with an international clientele, Catharine broadcasts a weekly radio show, The River Rain Show, on www.mixvibezradio.com, and has been featured most recently on the MTL Blog, Jewel radio's On With Rhonda, CJAD, others.​ She lives in Quebec, Canada.

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