Empath Heart

Relationship Strategies for Sensitive People

By Tanya Carroll Richardson (Author)


Pub Date 2/14/2023

ISBN 9781454946885

Format Paperback



Empath Heart

Relationship Strategies for Sensitive People

by Tanya Carroll Richardson

Empaths are highly sensitive and feel other people’s energies and emotions as if they were their own. Uniquely intuitive and hyper-perceptive, empaths are also more sensitive to collective energy, the energy of spaces, and in some cases even physical stimuli like noise. Interacting with the world so intimately is a blessing, yet it also means your relationship strategies as an empath—not just regarding romantic love, but in all areas—must be navigated thoughtfully. Romantic partners, friends, coworkers, and family members all present opportunities for uncommonly close connections, though empaths might fall into rescuing, codependency, or people-pleasing as unhealthy relationship coping skills.

Instead, learn to: * More mindfully choose between feeling with others or staying in your own energy and emotions.

* Support loved ones from a place of healthy detachment and discernment.

* Be more assertive about getting your needs and desires met.

* Protect and nourish your sensitive system.

* Understand and maximize your intuition.

* Nurture your relationships to create more healing intimacy.

* Engage with collective energy in an empowered way to be of service and live with more purpose.

Author and professional intuitive Tanya Carroll Richardson has worked with thousands of empath clients from all over the world. Here she presents a guide to relationships of all kinds with empaths and sensitives specifically in mind, complete with quizzes, interactive exercises, and helpful mantras that make this book a valuable resource for connecting with yourself as well as creating more fulfilling interactions with others. 

“Richardson does a good job of highlighting empaths’ strengths without sugarcoating challenges they face, lending her advice credibility and real-world applicability. Empaths aiming to improve their relationships and coping skills should take a look.” —Publishers Weekly -

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Tanya Carroll Richardson is a writer and professional intuitive who has worked with thousands of empath clients all over the world. She is a regular contributor to MindBodyGreen and the author of nine nonfiction books including Self-Care for Empaths and an annual self-love calendar. 

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