Saved by the Bellini

& Other 90s-Inspired Cocktails

By John deBary (Author), Tiffani Thiessen (Foreword)


Format Hardcover



Saved by the Bellini

& Other 90s-Inspired Cocktails

by John deBary, Tiffani Thiessen

Whether you were born in the ’90s or are longing for them, this themed cocktail book by acclaimed bartender John deBary is the perfect ’90s nostalgia gift for yourself or anyone else. Plus, it features a foreword by Saved by the Bell star Tiffani Thiessen, certifying Saved by the Bellini as a true testament to the decade! 

Get ready to stir up memories—and some hella delicious drinks. This cocktail book has 65+ awesome recipes that celebrate the decade’s greatest pop culture moments, from cassette tape tunes and video game consoles to after-school snacks and OMG-it’s-back-again fashion. Sip on the Gusher Crusher, down the Away Message, serve up the Heart of the Ocean, and finish it all with the Waterfall Chaser. Only in this ’90s book does TGIF stand for Thank God It’s Fizzy! Throwbacks to Pogs, the slap bracelet, Reebok Pumps, and even the ubiquitous “Got Milk?” ads are accompanied by spunky, funky pop-art illustrations that are so sick, you might want to tear out the pages to hang next to your Tiger Beat JTT posters. As if!  

It’s time to dust off your ’90s party decorations, stock up your liquor cabinet, mix up something delicious, and take a walk down memory lane with a cocktail recipe book that truly is da bomb!  

“Readers won’t be disappointed by the ’90s nostalgia the book evokes alongside top-notch drink-making techniques.” —Library Journal 

Saved by the Bellini takes a playful dive into ’90s nostalgia and demonstrates deBary’s chops for original drink creation.” —Imbibe Magazine

"This fully illustrated charmer is a feel-good gift for any Millennial, a trendy approach to a decade you may have missed, or simply a lifesaver for your next themed party." —Fodor’s
“From the mind of master bartender John deBary, [this] book contains recipes for such nostalgic sips as the Costanza’s Marble Rye, Heart of the Ocean, Frosted Tips and CapriRum, with bonus explanations about the most common drink tools and ingredients.” —Life & Style
“A surprisingly delicious way to relive '90s childhood memories… deBary's cocktail book, full of crazy concoctions, goes beyond simply reminding readers (and drinkers) of '90s pop songs and classic movies….he dug deep into pop culture to create unique recipes.” —The Daily Meal

“No matter when you were born, deBary’s clever, nostalgia-spiked recipes and commentary could convince you that the ‘90s were, indeed, ‘The Best Decade Ever.’”—Atlanta Journal-Constitution

“Whether a ‘90s baby or not, deBary reminds of the gaiety of this decade.” —Forbes

“deBary’s new cocktail book, filled with wacky animations, punny recipe names, and pop culture references, reminds me that cookbooks can be fun…. But don’t let deBary’s style and sense of humor fool you: The cookbook is filled with inventive, creative, and easy to make cocktails that have been developed by a master of the craft.”—Epicurious


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John deBary is a PDT and Momofuku alum who was actually able to pull off a bowl cut for much of the ’90s. He writes about drinks for Bon Appétit, Thrillist, and Food Network, and has an ongoing video series with Food52. He’s also the cofounder of Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation, whose mission is to improve the quality of life of workers in the hospitality industry. Saved by the Bellini is deBary’s second cocktail recipes book; Drink What You Want: The Subjective Guide to Making Objectively Delicious Cocktails, his previous mixology book, was named one of the best of the year by Epicurious. He lives in Manhattan’s Lower East Side with his husband and two cats. 

Pub Date: 4/25/2023

ISBN: 9781454947080

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Drink What You Want: The Deck

Drink What You Want: The Deck