Everything Interesting Keeps Happening to Ethan Fairmont

By Nick Brooks (Author)

Series Ethan Fairmont


Pub Date 11/5/2024

ISBN 9781454947134

Format Hardcover, Jacketed



Everything Interesting Keeps Happening to Ethan Fairmont

by Nick Brooks
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Nick Brooks, award-winning filmmaker and acclaimed author of Promise Boys, presents the thrilling conclusion to the Ethan Fairmont trilogy in which Cheese the alien returns to Earth to warn Ethan and his friends of an impending alien invasion.

Before last summer, Ethan’s life was rather uninteresting. Now, Ethan can’t stop interesting things from happening . . .

After a small, six-eyed alien crash landed into his life, Ethan made a new otherworldly best friend. Now Cheese has returned to Earth, bringing his family and a warning of the Light Thieves’ plans to invade. Ethan is already reeling from the kidnapping of his beloved guinea pig, Nugget, and a dangerous reality sets in after one bold Light Thief sheds its disguise to attack Ethan on his front lawn.

Ethan needs his friends now more than ever, but as he and RJ continue to clash, tensions continue to rise within the group. On top of all that, he still hasn’t figured out how to deal with his feelings for Di. With an alien invasion on the horizon, and The Bureau for Weird Happenings indisposed, can Ethan and his friends work together to save Earth once and for all?

E.T. meets Stranger Things in the final chapter of this remarkable middle grade sci-fi adventure series, perfect for readers ages 8 to 12.
“An adventure filled with fun hijinks and personal growth.”—Kirkus Reviews
“Along with cheering for Ethan and his six-eyed, junk-food-loving buddy through adventures both comical and suspenseful, readers are bound to have nuanced reactions to the tale as a whole.” —Booklist
“Your child will race to finish off this quick and fun really great reading option.” —Daily Mom -

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Nick Brooks is an award-winning filmmaker and writer. His short film Hoop Dreamin’ earned him the George Lucas Scholar Award and was a finalist in the Forbes 30 Under 30 Film Fest. His short film Bee won the James Bridges and Jack Larson Award for Writing and Directing and premiered at the American Black Film Festival. He is the author of Promise Boys and the Ethan Fairmont series. Nick currently lives in Los Angeles, California; he’s originally from Washington, DC.

Title Details

Pages 240 pages

Trim 5.5 x 8.25 x 0 Inches

Territories WENG

Category Middle Grade Fiction

Age Range 8 to 12