Bake Your Heart Out

Foolproof Recipes to Level Up Your Home Baking

By Dan Langan (Author)


Pub Date 10/3/2023

ISBN 9781454947561

Format Hardcover



Bake Your Heart Out

Foolproof Recipes to Level Up Your Home Baking

by Dan Langan
The debut baking recipe book from Food Network star Dan Langan!

Like many of us, Dan Langan learned young that if you want to make someone smile, all you need to do is give them a cookie. Dan channeled his natural creativity into baking alongside his mother and grandmother, and he soon became obsessed with making and remaking his favorite recipes until they were the tastiest and prettiest versions of themselves. Since then, Dan has become a trusted source for delicious, foolproof bakes and has connected with home bakers via social media, television, and digital videos, and through his website, Baked by Dan. In his debut cookbook, Dan shares 100 recipes for his game-changing versions of familiar classics, such as Red Velvet Layer Cake and Creamy Lemon Chess Squares, as well as unique creations like Seriously Sesame Brownies and a Ricotta and Pistachio Cannoli Tart. He’ll also let you in on the pro secrets that make his bakes better than your usual stand-bys, like toasting not only nuts but oats, poppy seeds, and almond flours to turbocharge their flavor, or by stabilizing whipped cream with a touch of cream cheese to keep it perfectly fluffy. Equally invaluable are Dan’s tips for helping you produce bakes that look as good as they taste, so your dessert bars have razor-sharp edges and your muffins have gorgeously domed tops. Accompanied by charming photography that's as enticing as the treats themselves, this beautiful and instructive book will become a go-to for bakers both seasoned and beginner.

Whether you’re an experienced baker looking for a cake decorating book to improve the appearance of your bakes or a novice baker looking for basic dessert recipes, Bake Your Heart Out has something for everyone. Dan Langan’s dedication to testing and perfecting the techniques in this pastry book has made it the perfect cookie, bar, pie, and cake cookbook for anyone who wants to learn how to bake like a pro.
“A delightful cookbook that fulfills its promise of helping bakers of various levels advance their skills, without skimping on the fun.”—Library Journal

“Dan is the king of kitchen tips. In his capable hands, not only will your bakes taste better than you ever thought they could, they will look almost too perfect to eat.”
–Giada De Laurentiis 
“Dan has combined his two great skills—his passion for his baking and his deep knowledge of its science—into Bake Your Heart Out. I think that after reading this book, that is exactly what you're gonna do." –Duff Goldman, pastry chef, television personality, and the author of Ace of Cakes and Duff Bakes
“I absolutely love this book.”  –Carla Hall, chef, television personality, and author of Carla Hall’s Soul Food

“This debut baking recipe book from Food Network star Dan Langan delivers on its promise with a collection of foolproof recipes that will totally level up your home baking game.” –Food Network


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Dan Langan has been baking his heart out since the age of five. In 2012, he launched his custom cake business, Baked by Dan, where his creations caught the eye of Food Network execs. Dan went on to win the Cake Wars competition and later hosted several digital series and online baking courses, including the Food Network’s Dan Can Bake It. As a professional pastry instructor, regular guest on Good Morning America, and popular presence on social media, Dan has helped home cooks and professionals alike take their baking skills to the next level. He lives and bakes in Philadelphia.

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