A 7-Step Plan to Uncover Hidden Sugars, Curb Your Cravings, and Conquer Your Addiction

By Nicole M. Avena (Author), Daniel Amen (Foreword)


Pub Date 12/17/2024

ISBN 9781454947820

Format Paperback




A 7-Step Plan to Uncover Hidden Sugars, Curb Your Cravings, and Conquer Your Addiction

by Nicole M. Avena, Daniel Amen
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Break free from sugar addiction and take control of your health. In Sugarless, pioneering neuroscientist Dr. Nicole Avena provides a revolutionary step-by-step plan to help readers curb sweet cravings and quit sugar once and for all. With surprising sources of hidden sugars exposed, Dr. Avena’s 7-step program empowers you to overcome sugar addiction by identifying sugar traps, taming your sweet tooth, and breaking the vicious diet cycle.
Backed by over 100 studies, Dr. Avena reveals how processed foods with refined sugars can be even more addictive than illicit drugs. She dispels myths blaming lack of willpower, and proves biologically how sugar affects the brain. With a foreword by Dr. Daniel Amen and 30 sugar-free recipes, this book provides the perfect blueprint for your sugar detox.
Hailed as the first to study sugar addiction, Dr. Avena is the world's foremost authority on the topic. Her blend of compelling research and actionable solutions makes embarking on your own sugar detox for beginners straightforward. Simply follow her advice to feel more in control, stop craving sugar, and start feeling healthier.
Key Features:
  • Science-backed 7-step program to reduce sugar consumption
  • 30 delicious sugar-free recipes
  • Foreword by Dr. Daniel Amen, 12-time New York Times bestselling author and integrative psychiatrist
  • Surprising sources of hidden sugars revealed
  • Tools to resist sweet cravings and manage sugar withdrawal
  • Practical plan to break the cycle for good
“This illuminating program from neuroscientist Avena (Why Diets Fail) details sugar’s damaging effects on the body and offers guidance on reducing sugar intake.”
Publishers Weekly

“Too much sugar is not a good thing. In Sugarless, Dr. Nicole Avena clearly shows how it can lead to illness, obesity, and even compromise your mental health. If you read this book, you’ll make better choices and feel better too. And who isn’t up for that?”
–Katie Couric, award-winning journalist and New York Times bestselling author
“Having demonstrated the treachery of sugar with her breakthrough research, Nicole Avena now delivers an accessible and actionable guide for using this same science to evade an addiction to sugar.”
–Michael Moss, Pulitzer Prize winner and author of Hooked
“Sugar is an addictive drug, and your grandmother is a pusher. In Sugarless, Nicole Avena calls them both out and gives us the tools to battle back from the edge of the abyss.”
–Robert Lustig, MD, MSL, author of Metabolical
Sugarless will help women feel more empowered when it comes to eating healthy and avoid the sugar crashes that make conquering their goals and being fully present to their lives more challenging.”
–Sara Gottfried, MD, New York Times bestselling author of The Hormone Cure
Sugarless is a remarkable union of the cutting-edge science of sugar and how it affects our well-being, and effective strategies supported by the research, from the world’s leading neuroscientist on sugar addiction. Dr. Nicole Avena illuminates the path toward ridding added sugars, minimizing withdrawal and cravings, and experiencing the freedom, health, and vitality from a sugarless diet. This wise book will help countless people!”
–Elissa Epel, PhD, professor at UCSF, coauthor of the New York Times bestseller The Telomere Effect, and author of The Stress Prescription
“The science is clear—excess sugar is a major cause of obesity and diabetes. The solution is obvious— reduce your sugar intake—but the hiccup is that so many of us crave sugar it may seem an impossible task. Not anymore. In Sugarless, Nicole Avena, who is an expert on sugar addiction, lays out a simple yet effective approach to get the sugar out of your diet. For all of you who like chocolate cake, this book is for you.”
–Dr. Richard Johnson, professor of medicine, University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, and author of The Sugar Fix
“Nicole Avena is a leading authority on addressing sugar addiction, and she has created an easy-to-read and action-planned book to help take control over the overwhelming amount of sugar in our diet. This book helps us understand why sugar is so addictive, how it’s affecting multiple parts of our body, and how we can break the addictive cycles by understanding and addressing the psychological aspects behind sugar addiction.”
–Michael Goran, PhD, professor of pediatrics in the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California, vice chair of research at the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, and coauthor of Sugarproof
Sugarless is a must-read for the world! Whatever stage of your health journey you are in, Sugarless will help you learn how to control your sugar cravings and break your sugar addiction. The book offers tried-and-true recipes that can change your life.”
–Suzanne Soliman, PharmD, BCMAS, leading pharmacist expert, professor, and founder of the Pharmacist Moms Group
“Nicole’s experience, insight, and practical step-by-step processes enable you to break up with sugar once and for all, and she includes 30 delicious recipes to make the journey easier. I highly recommend this book for anyone looking to make healthier choices for themselves and/or their families.”
–Andrea Donsky, nutritionist, menopause educator and researcher, and cofounder of Morphus
“As a physician-scientist, I know firsthand how damaging sugar can be to health and wellness. Dr. Nicole Avena, a pioneer in this field, walks us through the science of sugar addiction and offers a specific and realistic ‘how to’ evidence-based guide to reducing sugar intake, wherever it is hiding in the diet. A great read by a real expert trying to help anyone looking to improve their health!”
–Mark S. Gold, MD, professor of psychiatry, Washington University
“Dr. Avena has written a science-based book that is immensely readable and extremely useful to anyone who wants to conquer this nearly universal addiction.”
–Dr. Shanna Swan, author of Count Down: How Our Modern World Is Threatening Sperm Counts, Altering Male and Female Reproductive Health, and Imperiling the Future of the Human Race
“Dr. Nicole Avena is back with another scientific-made-simple book on sugar addiction—but this time on how to quit the drug. If you want to live a sugarless life, here is the book that has everything you need: from the science of why you really want to quit sugar to the practical tools for how to achieve this goal and stay sugarless forever.”
–Dr. Vera Tarman, author of Food Junkies: Recovery from Food Addiction
“Nicole Avena possesses the remarkable skill of simplifying intricate scientific information to make it comprehensible for everyone. The book Sugarless covers all the possible reasons and methods to lead a lifestyle free of sugar and highly processed foods.”
–Esther Helga Gudmundsdottir, MSc, chair of the Food Addiction Institute and director of the INFACT School
“In Sugarless, Dr. Nicole Avena unmasks the sweet deception, as she reveals the hidden sugars lurking in hundreds of supposedly healthy foods, sabotaging our efforts to conquer cravings, shed pounds, and battle chronic inflammatory disease. With her expertise as one of the foremost authorities on sugar, this book empowers you to finally break free from sugar, America’s drug of choice.”
–Dr. Daryl Gioffre, author of Get Off Your Sugar, and founder of Alkamind
“Dr. Nicole Avena's groundbreaking research revealed how sugar has striking parallels to addictive drugs. Her science changed the game, and in this book she helps readers figure out how to minimize the impact of a world flooded with sugar on their own health and well-being.”
–Ashley Gearhardt, PhD, professor of psychology, University of Michigan -

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Nicole M. Avena, PhD, is a pioneering research neuroscientist, author, and expert in the fields of nutrition, diet, and addiction. She’s the author of more than 100 scholarly journal articles, and the first in the field to study sugar addiction in the laboratory. She has written several books on nutrition and diet, including What to Eat When You’re Pregnant and Why Diets Fail. Dr. Avena received her PhD in neuroscience and psychology from Princeton University, followed by a postdoctoral fellowship in molecular biology at The Rockefeller University in New York City. Dr. Avena has regularly appeared on TV and radio, including The Dr. Oz Show, The Doctors, Jonathan Van Ness's Getting Curious, and CNN; and speaks at universities, government agencies, and special interest groups about her research. She’s also a frequent contributor to, MindBodyGreen, and Sharecare. Dr. Avena lives in the greater New York City area.

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