Sterling Ethos

1001 Dreams

The Complete Book of Dream Interpretations

By Cassandra Eason (Author)

Series 1001 Series


Pub Date 1/9/2024

ISBN 9781454948469

Format Hardcover



1001 Dreams

The Complete Book of Dream Interpretations

by Cassandra Eason
Uncover the messages within your dreams using this comprehensive dream dictionary and guide to dream interpretation! Dreams provide a window into our subconscious mind and serve as a crucial tool for self-understanding. In 1001 Dreams: The Complete Book of Dream Interpretations, renowned dream expert Cassandra Eason shares her decades of knowledge analyzing over 1,000 dream scenarios—from visions of angels to zoo trips, buying a home to escaping demons.

Learn techniques from dream incubation to lucid dreaming for shaping desired dreams. Discover how dreams connect us to our ancestors, past lives, and spiritual guides. An in-depth section decodes common symbols and empowers intuitive dream interpretation. Expertly bridging ancient history and modern psychology, this book provides unparalleled insight into your innermost self and decoding the meaning of your dreams.

1001 Dreams unpacks over 1,000 dream scenarios and symbols across 300+ beautifully illustrated pages. With interpretations of warnings, premonitions, desires, and fears, these dream meanings offer deeper self-awareness and perception of the world around you. Recording dreams in a dream journal unlocks their transformative potential. This is certain to become your essential dream dictionary and indispensable resource for navigating inner worlds, processing emotions, and elevating spiritual growth through the alternate reality of dreams. 1001 Dreams is the perfect tool for personal self-transformation or a wonderful gift for a friend curious about the meaning of their dreams.

Key Features:
  • Interpretations of over 1,000 dream scenarios and symbols
  • In-depth meanings and messages explained
  • Historical background and intro to symbolism
  • 300+ detailed symbolic illustrations
  • Expert dream analysis and decoding
“An easy-to-use reference tome on dreams and their interpretations….This intriguing, readable, and practical volume can guide readers to a richer dream life and boost insight for waking life too.” —Booklist -

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Cassandra Eason is a practicing solitary white witch and an international author of over 150 books on all aspects of spirituality and magick, including numerous bestselling series with Sterling Ethos—of which 1001 Dreams is the latest edition. Eason’s other titles include 1001 Spells, The Complete Crystal Handbook, and, in the A Little Bit series, A Little Bit of Palmistry, A Little Bit of Auras, and A Little Bit of Tarot (just to name a few!). In addition to her writing, Eason also lectures and facilitates workshops throughout the world on all aspects of the paranormal. Eason spent 10 years as a teacher and university lecturer and she trained in psychology. Eason has appeared on series such as NBC’s Unsolved Mysteries and The Other Side, as well as Paramount’s Sightings. She has also analyzed dreams for contestants on the UK Channel 4’s Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother series. A mother and a grandmother, Eason lives on the rural Isle of Wight in the UK.

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Pages 544 pages, all in 2-color

Trim 8 x 8 x 0 Inches

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