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Nature Nurture Oracle

A 45-Card Deck for Growth & Healing

By Marcella Kroll (Author)


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Nature Nurture Oracle

A 45-Card Deck for Growth & Healing

by Marcella Kroll
Become part of the energy of the natural world with this oracle deck from Marcella Kroll.
The Bee, The Wolf, The Moon: pull a card from Nature Nurture Oracle and learn how these energies—embodying qualities like fierce determination, loyalty, and divine timing, respectively—are already innate in you. This deck is a tool for self-discovery and support, which invites you into the complex web of interaction between the animal, plant, and spirit worlds. And not only that: by working with these divination cards, you are also calling attention to these symbols of nature, many of which are threatened by extinction. Bringing them to the front of your mind sends healing to them. In exchanging this respect and reverence, you support a more connected world and gain the strength to carry on as you travel your own path.
These animal oracle cards will resonate with those who are drawn to animal totems and spirits, modern spiritual practices with ancient roots like shamanism and animism, and seekers interested in wildlife conservation and endangered species. Perfect for anyone who enjoyed the earth-based spirituality of Woodland Wardens or Earth Magic Oracle Cards and wants to further explore teachings and intuitive wisdom from the natural world often overlooked in today’s busy modern life.

Marcella Kroll is a professional artist, intuitive, and workshop facilitator. She has been practicing her gifts since 1995. Marcella works in private practice with clients all over the world and was a program presenter for the Los Angeles Public Library for 14 years, leading public classes for teens on tarot and other divination subjects. She regularly holds healing circles, guided meditation groups, and empowering workshops for men and women in the greater Los Angeles area and around the United States, and hosts a podcast, Saved by the Spell. She is also the coauthor of Tarot in the Library Esoterica series from Taschen.

Pub Date: 4/16/2024

ISBN: 9781454948742

Price: $24.99 / $32.99 CAN

Format: Cards

Pages: 64 pages, 45 illustrated cards + booklet

Trim: 3.87 x 5.37 x 0 Inches

Territories: World

Category: Body, Mind & Spirit

Publisher: Sterling Ethos

Carton Quantity: 24