Vox Mega Book of Mini Crosswords

150 High-Speed 9x9 Puzzles

By Vox (Author)


Pub Date 10/17/2023

ISBN 9781454950059

Format Paperback



Vox Mega Book of Mini Crosswords

150 High-Speed 9x9 Puzzles

by Vox
Is this book bigger on the inside? It must be, or how else could it contain so much puzzle entertainment in such a small space? Dive into Vox Mega Book of Mini Crosswords—the first-ever crossword puzzle book from the puzzle wizards at Vox.com! Crossword enthusiasts and pop culture aficionados alike will delight in this book’s lay-flat binding and pages featuring 150 mini crosswords.

Each of the 9×9 crosswords, lovingly crafted by Vox.com’s all-star crew of crossword constructors—which includes Patrick Blindauer, Juliana Tringali Golden, Adesina O. Koiki, Will Nediger, and Andrew J. Ries, all of whom have published multiple puzzles in The New York Times—offers a delightful fusion of current pop culture references and general knowledge that caters to solvers of all levels. Whether you're exploring pop culture for beginners or hunting for gifts for news junkies, Vox crosswords offer a delightful escape into the world of puzzle-solving and trivia books. So why wait? Grab your pencil and unravel the mysteries hidden within these compact grids, and discover why this crossword puzzle book is the passport puzzle lovers everywhere need for hours of brain-teasing fun!

With Vox.com at the helm, the ultimate destination to find free crossword puzzles online, you're not just solving crosswords; you're embarking on a journey into the heart of modern media, news, and popular culture. This Vox crossword book and Vox Pop Culture Crosswords represent the beginning of a new power puzzler couple: Vox + Puzzlewright Press, unlocking a world of wordplay and knowledge destined for expansion. These crossword puzzles are designed to be friendly and accessible for those seeking easy crossword puzzle books, while providing unexpected twists that will challenge even the most seasoned solvers. It's the perfect gift for book lovers, crossword aficionados, and anyone seeking brain games that tantalize the intellect.

Vox (Vox.com) explains the news. We live in a world of too much information and too little context. Too much noise and too little insight. And so Vox's journalists candidly shepherd audiences through politics and policy, business and pop culture, food, science, and everything else that matters.Vox was launched by Vox Media in 2014 by founders Ezra Klein, Melissa Bell, and Matthew Yglesias. The Vox Media portfolio features some of the most relevant and respected editorial properties across the web and print, including: Vox, New York magazine, The Verge, The Cut, Eater, Vulture, and The Strategist.

Vox Mega Book of Mini Crosswords: 150 High-Speed 9×9 Puzzles and Vox Pop Culture Crosswords: 80 Puzzles for Curious Minds are Vox’s first published books of crosswords, featuring puzzles constructed by Patrick Blindauer, Juliana Tringali Golden, Adesina O. Koiki, Will Nediger, and Andrew J. Ries.

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Pages 192 pages

Trim 5 x 7 x 0 Inches

Territories WENG

Category Puzzles & Games

Vox Pop Culture Crosswords

Vox Pop Culture Crosswords