The A&A Detective Agency: The Fairfleet Affair

By K. H. Saxton (Author)

Series A&A Detective Agency


Pub Date 9/19/2023

ISBN 9781454950127

Format Hardcover, Jacketed



The A&A Detective Agency: The Fairfleet Affair

by K. H. Saxton
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 Follow clues, solve puzzles, crack the code... find the missing millionaire.
The celebrated museums of the Fairfleet Institute are known for curating the mysteries of humanity. But they don’t solve mysteries. Luckily, twelve-year-old friends Alex Foster and Asha Singh of the A&A Detective Agency do. Or they will . . . once they get a real case to test their skills as sleuths.
When Dr. Alistair Fairfleet, the institute’s eccentric chairman, disappears on the first day of Alex and Asha’s summer vacation, they receive a letter written by the missing millionaire himself inviting them to a game involving complicated clues and puzzles. It is just the sort of case they’ve been waiting to tackle. But nothing in the Fairfleet case has a simple solution. As the kids track down clues, they uncover art forgeries, archaeological crimes, and Fairfleet family secrets. All of this tests their partnership and forces them to confront the complicated legacies of the people and places they admire most.
“If you are a fan of The Westing Game, Chasing Vermeer, or The Parker Inheritance, you will love The A&A Detective Agency: The Fairfleet Affair! K.H. Saxton gives readers two whip-smart kid detectives, hands them a mystery worthy of their skills, and mixes in some challenging history that’s been hidden for years. It’s a delight to see Asha and Alex solve clues and help some clueless adults right a wrong. I can’t wait for the next book!”
—Margaret Peterson Haddix, New York Times bestselling author of the Greystone Secrets series

"I absolutely adored this book! The A&A Detective Agency: The Fairfleet Affair is a perfectly paced mystery full of humor and memorable characters. The backdrop of curating art and exhibits for museums, and the ethics involved, is fascinating. Alex and Asha are a smart and funny detective duo, and I enjoyed their friendship as much as I enjoyed figuring out the clues alongside them. I hope this is the first of many mysteries with the A&A Detective Agency!"

—Jennifer Chambliss Bertman, New York Times-bestselling author of the Book Scavenger series and Sisterhood of Sleuths.

““[T]he intricate plot—jam-packed with brain teasers, convoluted twists, and red herrings—keeps readers in suspense while neatly paving the way for a sequel in Saxton’s series-starting debut.” —Publishers Weekly

“A complex, cinematic, and eclectic page-turner.” - Kirkus

“Saxton reveals a knack for constructing a mystery, planting baffling clues, and creating interesting characters of varied ages Tension rises and falls, but the pace of the narrative never falters, and readers will enjoy seeing the puzzle pieces fall into place during the satisfying conclusion. A smart, involving first novel.”—Booklist

"Young readers will find The Fairfleet Affair a solid introduction to the genre and will, most likely, look forward to forthcoming Northbrook crimes the A&A duo can solve.” —New York Journal of Books

"Full of clues and puzzle pieces to ponder, this complicated mystery will keep readers guessing all the way until the end."—School Library Journal / Teen Librarian Toolbox


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K. H. Saxton is an English teacher and boarding school administrator in Connecticut. The A&A Detective Agency: The Fairfleet Affair is her first novel.

Title Details

Pages 272 pages

Trim 5.5 x 8.25 x 0 Inches

Territories World

Category Middle Grade Fiction

Age Range 8 to 12