Trivia Cryptograms

When the Code Is Cracked, It Reveals a Fact

By Stanley Newman (Author)


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Trivia Cryptograms

When the Code Is Cracked, It Reveals a Fact

by Stanley Newman
Cryptograms are word puzzles that feature encrypted sentences that solvers must decipher to reveal a message; in each puzzle, every letter is consistently replaced with a new letter (for instance, “Star Wars” might be encoded as THIS LIST). The solving process exercises both sides of the brain, as logic and letter patterns come into play in tandem. Author Stanley Newman provides entertaining and little-known facts that are sure to delight the solver once decoded. (For instance, did you know light bulbs in NYC's subway system turn in the opposite direction from standard bulbs, to discourage people from stealing them?)

Stanley Newman, crossword editor for the Long Island newspaper Newsday, is syndicated worldwide to more than 100 daily, Sunday, and internet newspapers. His puzzles have appeared regularly in Prevention, People, Sport, and Bloomberg Businessweek magazines. Newman is the author or editor of more than 125 books and has organized and conducted many puzzle and trivia events in the United States, including four seminars at the Smithsonian Institution and, in 2007, the first crossword tournament ever held at Yale University.

Pub Date: 1/9/2024

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