The House on Yeet Street

By Preston Norton (Author)


Format Paperback


Hardcover, Jacketed >
It’s summer, and thirteen-year-old Aidan Cross and his best friends are planning to spend the night at the Witch House on Yeet Street.  Aidan has desperately tried to talk his friends out of this plan, to no avail. But he has to admit it’s exciting having sleepovers with his secret crush, Kai.

Aidan has channeled his feelings into an ongoing fantasy saga about a fire mage named Nadia (Aidan spelled backwards) and a merman named Kai Pendragon. In a fit of frustration, Aidan yeeted his own story—hand-written in a spiral notebook—into the top floor of the Witch House.

Aidan might have sat this sleepover out, but now he has to go, if only to retrieve his notebook before his buddies find it. He fully intends to take this story with him to his grave—which may be sooner rather than later because they are spending the night in a haunted Witch House.

When they discover an actual ghost, the boys make it their mission to solve the mystery of Gabby’s death and free her from the house. But their plans are complicated when resident a bully gets her hands on Aidan’s journal. As old and new secrets come to light, Aidan will discover that some stories have the power to trap you, while others have the power to set you free.
“Here’s a pleaser for anyone fond of finding ghosts, gay teens, dead teens, gay ghosts, unsolved murder, excellent snarky banter, creepy horror, rib-tickling satire, plot twists, tight friendships, and/or happy endings in their fiction.” —Booklist, STARRED Review

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Preston Norton teaches environmental science to fifth graders. He is the author of Neanderthal Opens the Door to the Universe, Where I End & You Begin, and Hopepunk. He is married with three cats.

Pub Date: 8/27/2024

ISBN: 9781454950417

Price: $8.99 / $11.99 CAN

Format: Paperback

Pages: 336 pages

Trim: 5.5 x 8.25 x 0 Inches

Territories: WENG

Category: Middle Grade Fiction

Age Range: 10 and up

Publisher: Union Square Kids

The House on Yeet Street

The House on Yeet Street