Wicca Sticker Book

More than 400 Magickal & Mystical Stickers

By Union Square & Co. (Created)

Series The Modern-Day Witch


Pub Date 10/3/2023

ISBN 9781454950783

Format Flexibound



Wicca Sticker Book

More than 400 Magickal & Mystical Stickers

by Union Square & Co.
Adorn your world with 400+ enchanting vintage stickers on all subjects magickal and mystical—from crystals to cats, moons to mages, goddesses, and more! This mesmerizing collection will delight witches, Wiccans, and magick lovers. Decorate planners, journals, laptops, and more with beautiful artworks across six categories—celestial spheres, mystical terra, a witch's toolkit, magikcal symbols, familiar creatures, and holistic witchery.

Let your imagination run wild with witchy stickers boasting moons, crystals, candles, herbs, runes, tarot symbolism, and other magical ephemera. Each category opens with an evocative poetic quote to set the mood. This exquisite sticker book for adults conjures up the allure of old-world esoterica with a modern spirit.

Looking for books on witchcraft or witchy scrapbooking supplies? Embellish your life with gothic grandeur pulled from the Wicca Sticker Book! Use the crystal stickers to transform objects into spellbinding works of art, and the tarot stickers to decorate your notebook or diary. With subjects from herbalism to astrology and deities to potions, the collection here will awaken your inner mystic. This vintage sticker book makes an enchanting gift for yourself or fellow lovers of witchcraft and eclectic decor.

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