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6 Mind-Changing Conversations That Could Save a Life

By Nzinga Harrison (Author), Lynya Floyd (Author)


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6 Mind-Changing Conversations That Could Save a Life

by Nzinga Harrison, Lynya Floyd
Contrary to popular belief, addiction isn't a conscious choice. It's a chronic illness, like diabetes or asthma, that responds to treatment and deserves compassion. And yet, too many people expect their loved ones to simply recover on their own without interventions. Drawing on peer-reviewed research and decades of expertise, Dr. Nzinga Harrison reveals the factors that predict one's risk for addiction: biology and heritability, childhood experience, physical environment, injuries and health conditions, discrimination, and cultural influence. With revelatory anecdotes and sobering data, Un-Addiction guides readers to unlearn what they think they know about substance use, undo stigma surrounding addiction, and uncover critical conversations that could end the epidemic.
“As I read Un-Addiction, I wondered what it would mean if everybody had someone that cared about them with the humanity and talent of Dr. Harrison? Everything would be possible—including recovery—and this book offers us all that promise. In a unique and approachable way, Un-Addiction helps you understand how much addiction is a part of all of our everyday lives. You will come away knowing that no matter where you are, you can still thrive.”
–Andy Slavitt, former senior advisor to President Biden, author, and podcast host
“Think you understand addiction? Think again. With the news filled with disaster headlines about the overdose crisis, now more than ever it is critical for people to be informed about the facts and fiction of substance use and addiction. In Un-Addiction, Dr. Harrison challenges the many myths the public has been fed around alcohol and drug use and delivers an approachable, humane book chock-full of science, and, importantly, infused with compassion. This book is a must-read for family members, policy makers, and people affected by substance use or addiction—which is to say all of us.”
–Dr. Sarah Wakeman, associate professor of medicine, Harvard Medical School
Un-Addiction struck a chord so deeply within me as one of the tens of millions of Americans whose lives has been impacted by a loved one’s addiction. This eye-opening and empowering book will not only remind you that you’re not alone in the struggle against substance use disorders, it will also help you find the words, deal with the emotions, and take the actions necessary to fight the problem we all see around us. With compassion and clarity, Harrison artfully shows us how we can end an epidemic that we’ve felt powerless to change in the past.”
–Chamique Holdsclaw, Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame member and mental health advocate
“In my recovery journey, I have learned that there are many paths toward achieving the goal of sobriety. Un-Addiction is not only educational and easy to comprehend but focuses on removing the age-old stigmas surrounding addiction and provides tangible solutions toward making progress on the journey. I WILL be recommending this book to friends and people I work with in my recovery circle.”
–Mrs. Kasha Davis, actor and performer
“Any kind of addiction can feel lonely, overwhelming, and shameful, which often stops us from facing it in a way that we can overcome it. Un-Addiction is a compassionate and comprehensive guide to facing the truth about what drives addiction. Dr Harrison asks you to dig deep so that you can get to the root of addiction while offering clear and effective tools to heal it. You will be empowered with the support to release the shame, the courage to have the conversations (with yourself and others) you need to have, and the clarity to move forward in your life.”
–Christine Hassler, master coach, spiritual psychologist, and podcast host of Over It and On With It
“A transformative guide to overcoming addiction, emphasizing the power of open dialogue. Dr. Nzinga Harrison's expert insights illuminate the path to prevention, intervention, and compassionate support, making this book an indispensable resource amidst the fentanyl crisis gripping the United States.”
–Angela Kennecke, journalist and founder of Emily's Hope
“More than anything, this book tackles the despair we feel about addiction. When ‘mother's little helper’ became granddad’s and then our kids’ little helper, we were at a loss. But Nzinga Harrison combines stories, science, and conversational how-tos to set us on the right journey. Where there is caring, there is hope. We can help. I love everything about this book. Everyone in healthcare should read it.”
–Stephen K. Klasko, MD, MBA, executive in residence at General Catalyst and former president and CEO of Thomas Jefferson University and Jefferson Health
“We live in a society where substance use is ubiquitous and deadly. So why are we unable to identify when a problem is developing or have uncomfortable conversations with people we know and love? In this important book, Dr. Nzinga Harrison helps us understand why and presents crucial information in an accessible and practical way. There are many pathways to recovery, and Un-Addiction reinforces the message that there is hope for everyone to overcome addiction and find a road home.”
–Chuck Ingoglia, CEO, National Council for Mental Wellbeing
“Too often, addiction just feels too daunting to overcome at any level. Yet in Un-Addiction, Dr. Nzinga Harrison gracefully and eloquently cuts through all of the noise and the hopelessness to attack the problem at its core. This book is full of practical and hopeful answers for anyone that has loved a person impacted by substance use disorder—that's everyone!”
–Greg Williams, producer of Tipping the Pain Scale and addiction policy expert
“A truly necessary book for anyone who wishes to live an examined life. Inspiring, touching, and informative, Dr. Harrison offers wisdom in these pages for breaking the cycle of addiction.”
–Georgia Hardstark, podcast host, My Favorite Murder
“Readers will find inspiration, compassion, and empathy in these pages and hopefully transform old ideas into new, updated optimistic ones where treatment is accessible for all and recovery is expected. It offers a fresh perspective on an often-misunderstood chronic medical condition.”
–Gary Mendell, founder and CEO, Shatterproof -

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Nzinga Harrison, MD, is a board-certified physician with specialties in psychiatry and addiction medicine. She is also CMO and co-founder of Eleanor Health, an innovative mental health and addiction treatment company. Dr. Harrison holds an adjunct faculty appointment at the Morehouse School of Medicine and sits on the board of directors for the American Society of Addiction Medicine.

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