Tommy's Field

Love, Loss, and the Goal of a Lifetime

By Nikki Mark (Author)


Pub Date 1/23/2024

ISBN 9781454951049

Format Hardcover, Jacketed



Tommy's Field

Love, Loss, and the Goal of a Lifetime

by Nikki Mark

A moving memoir that reminds us of the power of play to inspire, unite, and heal—and that sometimes what brings us the most pain can be the source of our greatest inspiration.

In April 2018, Nikki and Doug Mark’s perfectly healthy twelve-year-old-son, Tommy, went to sleep one night and never woke up. They’re still not exactly sure why. Devastated, Nikki embarked on an unconventional journey to create a legacy for Tommy and to heal her heart. She created a plan to transform neglected land in a Los Angeles public park into a state-of-the-art athletic field, honoring Tommy’s love of soccer and sharing his spirit of play with others. After family, friends, and LA’s soccer community banded together to raise over a million dollars for the project, park neighbors resistant to change threatened to derail it. Throughout Nikki’s journey, a remarkable string of incidents convinced her that her recently departed son was guiding her through the process. Ultimately, Tommy’s enduring spirit and the beautiful game he loved taught her how to navigate the challenges she faced along the way.

"This true story of transformation is a gift to a world so desperately in need of healing. May it inspire us to open our minds to the magic of life, death, and the journey in-between."
—Laura Dern, Academy Award–winning actor and New York Times bestselling author

"Mark's inspiring debut . . . is a winner."
Publisher's Weekly


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Nikki Mark formerly led operations for hospitality and sports team start-ups. She is the founder and now president of the TM23 Foundation, which opened the first Tommy’s Field in 2021 and the second one in 2023—with several other fields in the planning stages. She lives in Los Angeles.

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