Super Sperm Donors, Off-the-Grid Insemination, and Unconventional Family Planning

By Valerie Bauman (Author)


Pub Date 4/16/2024

ISBN 9781454951438

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Super Sperm Donors, Off-the-Grid Insemination, and Unconventional Family Planning

by Valerie Bauman
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Inconceivable combines memoir and investigative reporting to reveal an underground community of sperm donors and recipients who have chosen to circumvent traditional fertility avenues and meet up on their own terms. As an active participant in this community, Valerie Bauman uses her own story as a lens into this movement of people attempting to dodge the costly and often discriminatory world of sperm banks and fertility clinics. Inconceivable is a window into the unfair legal, financial, and medical entanglements that compel many single women and LGBTQ+ couples to take their fertility into their own hands.
"Interweaving the details of her own path to motherhood and interviews with doctors, donors, and expectant parents, Bauman builds a captivating and often humorous portrait of DIY pregnancy.... Bauman’s rigorous curiosity keeps the pages turning. It’s a wide-ranging portrait of contemporary motherhood that entertains and informs in equal measure."—Publishers Weekly

"Her story provides a window into a little-known world on Facebook and Craigslist, where men offer their sperm."—Library Journal

“A deep dive into the world of freelance sperm donors, how it works and the advantages and drawbacks.”—Newsweek -

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Valerie Bauman is an award-winning journalist with nearly two decades of experience. She is currently an investigative reporter at Newsweek. Previously, she was a senior investigative reporter and senior legal reporter at Bloomberg Law, where she covered the pharmaceutical litigation beat. Bauman has also worked at Newsday and The Associated Press, where she covered Hurricane Katrina from the Mississippi bureau, and later the New York State legislature as a political reporter. 

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