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The Commonplace Book

A Knowledge Journal

By Union Square & Co. (Created)


Pub Date 9/12/2023

ISBN 9781454951568

Format Hardcover



The Commonplace Book

A Knowledge Journal

by Union Square & Co.
This beautiful modern-day “commonplace book” can be used as a focused thought journal to collect ideas, observations, knowledge, and more—for present-day reflection and future inspiration.
A commonplace book is a kind of über diary of miscellany—an autobiography of the mind—that’s been used since the Middle Ages. Commonplace books were kept by everyone from Leonardo da Vinci to Virginia Woolf, and now the practice is once again gaining in popularity. These intellectual scrapbooks can be filled with entries of many kinds: from quotes, excerpts, and poems to prayers, recipes, and memorabilia. There’s a blank table of contents in front to catalog entries and build over time. It also includes a brief introduction, numbered pages, and a customizable index in back. Readers can use this book to create their own personalized encyclopedia—a unique, physical manifestation of interests and passions.

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