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Frankenstein (Deluxe Edition)

By Mary Shelley (Author), John Coulthart (Illustrator)


Format Hardcover, Jacketed



Frankenstein (Deluxe Edition)

by Mary Shelley, John Coulthart
For years, Dr. Victor Frankenstein labors to create a new race of intelligent beings. But when he succeeds, Dr. Frankenstein is horrified by the ugly patchwork being he has brought to life, and he abandons his creation—setting off a chain of events that will lead to murder, despair, and bitter loneliness. This is a deluxe, lavish edition that transformed the stormy ethos of the Gothic novel into the foundation of modern science fiction. 

Mary Shelley (1797-1851) was the author of five novels, though she is best known for Frankenstein. The daughter of feminist Mary Wollstonecraft, Shelley was steeped in the progressive ideals of the early 19th century. 

Pub Date: 10/10/2023

ISBN: 9781454951575

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Format: Hardcover, Jacketed

Pages: 304 pages, all in 2-color

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Territories: WENG

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