House Rules

100 Ways to Feel at Home

By Emma Kemper (Author)

Series Rules


Pub Date 1/14/2025

ISBN 9781454952015

Format Hardcover



House Rules

100 Ways to Feel at Home

by Emma Kemper

There is no place like home, because our homes are a reflection of who we are, what we want, and what we like. They change and develop as we do, so it's crucial to know how to evolve the places where we spend most of our time so that they can keep up with us.  

In House Rules, Emma Kemper, an expert interior designer, has defined 100 rules that will transform any apartment, condo, or house into a home. Do you want a living room that offers comfort at the end of a long day? A dining room perfect for entertaining guests? Learn what the perfect height is to hang art above a piece of furniture, and the impact a singular throw pillow can have in a room. Emma is an expert at knowing which details are crucial to achieve such goals and when to look at the big picture. You’ll learn how to express yourself using colors, textures, materials, and lighting.  

This book is easily accessible to find the solution, tip, or trick you’re looking for on the fly. 


Emma Beryl Kemper strives to create beauty and interest in every space. After training at the New York School of Interior Design, Emma worked on a wide array of projects all over the world. In 2015, she started her own eponymous design firm, Emma Beryl, which was recently named as a top new designer to watch by Lonny magazine. Emma Beryl loves to work with its clients to create spaces that are unexpected and timeless. The company believes that spaces should be as unique as the clients who live in them, that constraints make design more interesting, and that no project is too big or too small.   

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Pages 144 pages, 75-100 color illus.

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