Self-Care Rules

100 Ways to Tend to Your Body, Mind, and Spirit

By Sumathi Reddy (Author)

Series Rules


Pub Date 11/5/2024

ISBN 9781454952473

Format Hardcover



Self-Care Rules

100 Ways to Tend to Your Body, Mind, and Spirit

by Sumathi Reddy
Featuring 100 rules on self care for Body, Mind, and Spirit, this book will give you the information and tools to you need to easily and successfully implement self-care into your daily routine. 

Everyone knows that self care is important—but who has the time? This book, written by a veteran health journalist, with research backed by scientific research, will help you understand and implement healthful, nourishing behaviors in 100 easy-to-follow rules. From improving sleep, to eating mindfully, to combating loneliness, to easing stress, to fostering nourishing human connection this book will shows that not only is self-care for everyone, but can be achieved by everyone by simple, mindful tweaks. 

Written and researched by a veteran health journalist and backed by scientific research, this is an essential guide to healthful living for the modern human. 

Sumathi Reddy is the consumer health columnist for The Wall Street Journal's Personal Journal section. She tackles a wide variety of health issues in the "Your Health" column, which runs every Tuesday. Sumathi previously wrote for the Journal's Greater New York section as an award-winning metro columnist and author of the weekly "In the Boroughs" column, and covered the food and restaurant industry in NYC, among other topics. She lives in Forest Hills, NY. 

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