A-to-Gen Z Crosswords

72 Puzzles That Hit Different

By Ada Nicolle (Author)


Pub Date 5/28/2024

ISBN 9781454952657

Format Paperback - Concealed Spiral



A-to-Gen Z Crosswords

72 Puzzles That Hit Different

by Ada Nicolle
Ada Nicolle created a crossword blog several years ago called Luckystreak Xwords, as well as a Patreon, both of which feature themeless puzzles focusing primarily on modern trends and Gen Z culture. She writes, “I like to represent people that don’t often get the spotlight in mainstream crossword puzzles, and I figure crosswords are more fun when they feel like they were written by a person living in the present moment.” This collection will consist of 72 crosswords imbued with Ada’s singular personality and humor, compiled from the best of her blog, plus 30 brand-new puzzles written especially for this book.

Ada Nicolle is a widely published crossword constructor, having had puzzles appear in The New York Times, The Atlantic, USA Today, Universal, AVCX, and Xtra. She self-publishes a weekly crossword on Patreon, and posts free crossword puzzles on her blog Luckystreak Xwords. Ada is also a comedian and has performed at the Guelph Comedy Festival and Quebec's Humourfest, and she performs and produces weekly at Comedy Bar.

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Pages 96 pages

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Territories WENG

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