Sense and Sensibility

By Jane Austen (Author)

Series Signature Gilded Editions


Pub Date 12/19/2023

ISBN 9781454952954

Format Hardcover


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Marianne Dashwood can't understand her sister. How could the attractive, witty, and charming Elinor fall for the quiet, self-effacing, and rather dull Edward Ferrars? And, if the two are in love, why don't they shout it to the world? Meanwhile, Elinor worries that Marianne's heart-first approach to life will hurt her, especially when it comes to the dashing John Willoughby. The two sisters spar good-naturedly over the merits of full-blown emotionalism versus reticence and self-discipline in matters of the heart. Fond as they are of each other, each is certain that hers is the only true path to love. Meanwhile, both Edward and Willoughby harbor secrets that will force these women to doubt their philosophies, their judgment, and their chances for happiness.
Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility was first published in 1811. The novel explores themes of passion, propriety, and social conventions through the experiences of the Dashwood sisters. Austen's first published novel, it established her as a respected author and has become a literary classic for its wit, insight, and social commentary. Though initially overlooked by critics, the novel provokes thought on gender roles, marriage, and finding balance between reason and emotion. Two centuries later, Sense and Sensibility continues to resonate through its timeless examination of social mores and the conflict between duty and desire. Its relevance today lies in what it reveals about human nature, the complexity of relationships, and the tensions between individual fulfillment and social obligations.

Jane Austen (1775–1817) wrote six novels, all influential comedies of manners, whose wit and satirical style forged the template for Regency fiction.

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