Coming Home to Sicily

Seasonal Harvests and Cooking from Case Vecchie

By Fabrizia Lanza (Author), Kate Winslow (Author), Alice Waters (Foreword)


Pub Date 9/26/2023

ISBN 9781454952978

Format Hardcover



Coming Home to Sicily

Seasonal Harvests and Cooking from Case Vecchie

by Fabrizia Lanza, Kate Winslow, Alice Waters
Set on one of the oldest and largest estates in Sicily, is Case Vecchie, where all the food is either sustainably grown or wild. Here you’ll find the Anna Tasca Lanza Center for Sicilian Food and Culture, one of the most respected culinary sites in Europe. Now run by Anna’s daughter, Fabrizia, the school’s programming extends beyond cooking into food heritage and farming. Chefs and food professionals like Alice Waters, David Tanis, Jody Adams, and Emiko Davies return again and again to reacquaint themselves with farm-to-table Italian cooking.
Curated by Fabrizia, Coming Home to Sicily celebrates the authentic flavors of Sicily, as well as the harmonious connection between land, producer, and food. The recipes include her family’s renditions of traditional dishes, such as Frittata with Fava Beans, Eggplant Caponata, Mint and Garlic–Stuffed Swordfish, and Risotto with Green Cauliflower and Almonds, as well at-home versions of Sicily’s famous street food, such as Panelle (chickpea fritters), Casatelle (ricotta-filled turnovers), and Cannoli. Filled with photographs that capture the beauty and abundance of the land, this captivating book will be your go-to for timeless dishes from one of the world’s most beloved culinary regions.
“...gorgeously photographed and a pleasure to read.”--Library Journal -

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Fabrizia Lanza was born in Palermo into the renowned Tasca family of vignerons. In 1989, her mother, Anna Tasca Lanza established the Anna Tasca Lanza cooking school (now the Anna Tasca Lanza Center of Sicilian Food and Culture) on the family’s two-hundred year old agricultural estate, Case Vecchie. In 2006, Fabrizia returned to help her mother run the school and has since expanded its mission into the promotion and preservation of Sicilian food heritage. She has produced two documentaries on Sicilian food and culture, and is building a video library at the center to document historic Sicilian cooking techniques. Fabrizia is also the author of Olive: A Global History (2011) and The Food of Sicily: Recipes from a Sun-Drenched Culinary Crossroads (2023).
Photographer Guy Ambrosino and coauthor Kate Winslow—a husband-and-wife team—spent a year living and working at Case Vecchie. Guy is a professional documentary photographer. Kate is a food writer, food stylist, and former food editor at Gourmet magazine.

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