Blockbuster Book of Large Print Word Searches

By Mark Danna (Author)


Pub Date 3/5/2024

ISBN 9781454953395

Format Paperback



Blockbuster Book of Large Print Word Searches

by Mark Danna
Feast your eyes (without straining them) on this banquet of word searches! This bind-up will include 134 puzzles originally featured in Mark Danna’s Gourmet Word Searches and Tasty Word Searches (which have sold a combined total of over 35,500 copies since their publication). All puzzles are themed and contain a hidden message revealing a quote or expanding on the puzzle’s theme, giving each word search a fun final payoff.

Mark Danna writes puzzles for a living. His credits include more than two-dozen word search books, over 100 crosswords in venues such as The New York Times, and, as coauthor, seven annual editions of Mensa’s page-a-day Brain Puzzlers calendar. Since 1991, he has penned the clued-rhymes puzzle Wordy Gurdy under the alias Tricky Ricky Kane for an international newspaper syndicate. Danna currently serves as assistant to the puzzle editor of the Wall Street Journal.

Title Details

Pages 320 pages

Trim 8.37 x 10.7 x 0 Inches

Territories WENG

Category Puzzles & Games

Carton Quantity 14