The Klimt Box

50 Postcards of Paintings by Gustav Klimt

By Union Square & Co. (Created)


Pub Date 8/6/2024

ISBN 9781454953722

Format Postcard book or pack



The Klimt Box

50 Postcards of Paintings by Gustav Klimt

by Union Square & Co.
An elegantly designed box of 50 postcards featuring stunning paintings by Gustav Klimt, one of the world’s most popular artists.

Gustav Klimt was an Austrian symbolist painter, and one of the most prominent members of the Vienna Secession movement. He is known the world over as the most famous Art Nouveau painter and one of the greatest decorative painters of the twentieth century. This beautifully packaged keepsake box will include 50 postcards featuring Klimt's most beloved paintings—including Judith I and The Kiss—to share, send, or treasure.

A must-have, giftable collection of postcards for Klimt and Art Nouveau fans—and all art lovers.

Born in 1862, Austrian painter Gustav Klimt became known for the highly decorative style and erotic nature of his works, which were seen as a rebellion against the traditional academic art of his time. He died in Vienna in 1918.