Draw the Line

A 100-Day Journal to Build Your Creative Confidence

By Caleb Robertson (Author)


Pub Date 8/6/2024

ISBN 9781454953760

Format Hardcover - Spiral Bound



Draw the Line

A 100-Day Journal to Build Your Creative Confidence

by Caleb Robertson
A 100-day journal that will not only improve your drawing skills, but ignite creativity in all areas of your life.
Boost your creative confidence in any field by exercising your artistic muscle in the most elemental way: drawing—a form of expression, visual language, and idea generation. Everyone has the ability to draw, contrary to popular belief. Your unconscious mind is always working at taking in content and making new associations. In this unique sketch journal, creativity expert Caleb Robertson helps you tap into that trove of inspiration by guiding you through 100 days of engaging and thought-provoking exercise prompts. The exercises are divided into four categories: thinking-outside-the-box challenges, personal interpretation, comparing and contrasting elements, and perception. Each page also includes a tip to help you if you get stuck, and an “inspo” takeaway to keep you motivated and self-aware.
You don't need perfect technique or an art degree to gain the benefits of a daily drawing practice!


Caleb Robertson is a creativity video production engineer with a degree in communications and graphic design.


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Pages 216 pages, b-w illus. throughout

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