Off-the-Wall Word Searches

By Eric Berlin (Author), Janinne Berlin (Author)


Pub Date 4/16/2024

ISBN 9781454953791

Format Paperback



Off-the-Wall Word Searches

by Eric Berlin, Janinne Berlin
This all-new collection of word searches will offer a wide variety of twists on standard word searches. Some puzzles might have symbols included in the grid (like stars that represent the letters S-T-A-R), some might feature entries that wind through the grid in zigzag lines, some might replace the word list with a set of clues to solve—anything goes! But at heart, the puzzles are still accessible, fun word searches that are easy to jump into, even when there’s an extra challenge involved.

Eric and Janinne Berlin collaborated on three children’s word search books for Puzzlewright Jr. (she was uncredited but now joins him officially as a coauthor), and they co-authored the forthcoming Pause for Puzzles: Word Searches for Tranquility. Eric is a prolific creator of many types of puzzles and is the author of the Winston Breen books.

Title Details

Pages 128 pages

Trim 5.37 x 8.25 x 0 Inches

Territories WENG

Category Puzzles & Games