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Social Media Spellbook

366 Ways to Get Witchy on the Web

By Amy Blackthorn (Author), Natalie Zaman (Author)


Pub Date 8/20/2024

ISBN 9781454953845

Format Hardcover



Social Media Spellbook

366 Ways to Get Witchy on the Web

by Amy Blackthorn, Natalie Zaman
Social media is part of our lives, and it’s an increasingly popular place for witches of all kinds to meet and create new spells. On TikTok, Instagram, Twitter, and more, witches set intentions, manifest their dream jobs, and even create virtual altars for their ancestors. Social Media Spellbook is a perfect way to take part in this trend by using social media to channel the power of the universe. Authors Amy Blackthorn and Natalie Zaman propose adaptable formulas that draw on symbolic imagery, astrology, tarot, herbs, and crystals—not to mention everyday desire—in a spell-a-day format that anyone, even a beginner witch, can use.

Amy Blackthorn is the award-winning author of the best-sellers, Blackthorn's Botanical Magic, Sacred Smoke, Blackthorn's Botanical Brews, Blackthorn's Protection Magic, and Blackthorn's Botanical Wellness

Natalie Zaman is the author of Color and Conjure and Magical Destinations of the Northeast (Llewellyn); the co-author of Sirenz (Flux), Sirenz Back In Fashion (Flux), and Blonde Ops (Thomas Dunne Books); and is a contributor to various Llewellyn annual publications. 


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