Baby Got Facts

Totally ’90s Trivia

By Buzzy Cohen (Author)


Pub Date 4/23/2024

ISBN 9781454953937

Format Paperback



Baby Got Facts

Totally ’90s Trivia

by Buzzy Cohen
Trivia maven (and ’90s kid) Buzzy Cohen brings all of his game show chops to the table for this nostalgically puzzling look at the decade that gave us Britney & Christina, clear soda, “Bo Knows,” the Disney Afternoon, and so much more. Most of the book will feature multipage quizzes that include standard trivia questions, with a mix of multiple-choice questions and open-ended questions, some themed, and some offering a mélange of ‘90s trivia. Alternating between those quizzes will be a mix of variety trivia puzzles in different formats, keeping the experience fresh throughout.

Buzzy Cohen is a music supervisor originally from New Jersey who now resides in Los Angeles. He came to public attention during his nine-game winning streak on Jeopardy! in 2016 and his subsequent 2017 Tournament of Champions win. Dubbed “Mr. Personality” by Alex Trebek, Buzzy is known for his singular style and irreverent sense of humor as much as his impressive brains. He guest-hosted 2021's Tournament of Champions, and joined Season 3 of ABC’s The Chase, where he is known as “The Stunner.” He can also be heard hosting two official Jeopardy! podcasts: Inside Jeopardy! (with Sarah Whitcomb Foss) and This Is Jeopardy!: The Story of America's Favorite Quiz Show. When he’s not selecting music for ads, winning trivia competitions, lifting, playing Brazilian-style guitar, or tap dancing, Buzzy spends his time cycling, surfing, collecting classic cars, and spending whatever time is left with his wife and two kids.

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