Warm Your Bones

Cozy Recipes for Chilly Days and Winter Nights

By Vanessa Seder (Author)


Pub Date 11/5/2024

ISBN 9781454954149

Format Hardcover



Warm Your Bones

Cozy Recipes for Chilly Days and Winter Nights

by Vanessa Seder

Los Angeles native Vanessa Seder lived in Brooklyn and Boston before she landed in Maine—a place where this chef, food stylist, and recipe developer learned to love the culinary upside of raising a family in a place where it’s so cold, for so long.  

In this book, Seder shares seventy-five of her favorite recipes that take the edge off any chill, from long, slow braises and simmers perfect for a winter afternoon at home to weeknight meals that draw on ingredients and nutrients that will power you and your family through a cold snap to recipes and menus for holidays and cozy gatherings. The book also includes recipes for sweets like homemade caramels and invigorating grapefruit-flavored cookies; warm drinks like teas, toddies, and several versions of hot chocolate; and pantry staples like marmalades and flavored salts. The style and imagery of the book is bright and inviting, designed to combat any winter blues. 

Warm Your Bones is perfect for at-home cooks who have an interest in international cuisines, for those who practice hygge, and for individuals who generally enjoy the coziness of winter.   


Vanessa Seder is a chef, author, food stylist, recipe developer, and culinary instructor who specializes in elevated yet accessible everyday cooking. She has worked as a food stylist for television, video, editorial, and books, and was a longtime culinary instructor at the Stonewall Kitchen headquarters in Maine. She is also the author of Secret Sauces (2017) and Eat Cool (2021). She lives in Portland, Maine.

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