Get a Hobby

365 Things to Do for Fun (Not Work!)

By Jasmine Cho (Author)


Pub Date 11/5/2024

ISBN 9781454954279

Format Hardcover



Get a Hobby

365 Things to Do for Fun (Not Work!)

by Jasmine Cho
Get your mind off work, make friends, and de-stress with this fascinating collection of potential hobbies!

Picking up a hobby is one of the best ways to eliminate stress, improve any mood, and make a network of new friends. Whether it's a physical activity like pickleball or martial arts; a creative pursuit like knitting or painting; or a skill to challenge the mind like sudoku or learning a language, a hobby can improve your life in so many ways. Jasmine Cho, a devoted baker whose off-the-clock passion took her from the kitchen to Food Network and beyond, presents this compendium of stuff you can do for fun in an easy-to-peruse graphic reference guide. From more familiar hobbies like quilting and bird-watching to fascinating new areas to explore like K-pop dance, extreme ironing, geocaching, and even vexillology (that's the study of flags!), it's impossible to stay bored when a copy of Get a Hobby is on hand. 


Jasmine M. Cho (MPS in art therapy and creativity development) is a Pittsburgh-based artist whose passions for baking, social justice, and mental health and wellness led her to become internationally known as a cookie activist and bake therapy pioneer. A TEDx speaker, Food Network champion, and third-degree black belt in tae kwon do, Jasmine stays joyfully grounded by practicing a wide array of hobbies, from heels dancing to building Legos. She lives in Pennsylvania.

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