365 Brainteasers 2025 Day-to-Day Calendar

By Union Square & Co. (Created)


Format Calendar - Day by day calendar



365 Brainteasers 2025 Day-to-Day Calendar

by Union Square & Co.
Keep your mind fit and flexible, all 365 days of the year.

Take advantage of the moment by grabbing this calendar and testing your wits against a variety of brainteasers that require a diverse set of skills. Research has shown that a great way to keep your memory and cognitive skills at their best is to learn challenging new things that require you to think. This day-to-day calendar is perfect for doing just that, since it features a wide variety of IQ-type brainteasers to keep solvers on their toes: different types of word games, memory tests, logic puzzles, and math problems, with something new on every page. It's a refreshingly fun mental workout!

Features include:
  • Day and date reference on every page, with combined weekend pages
  • Major and national holidays in the US, Canada, and UK
  • Answers on the back of each tear-off page
  • Recyclable cardboard backing with built-in folding stand for desk or tabletop display

Pub Date: 6/4/2024

ISBN: 9781454954378

Price: $15.99 / $20.99 CAN

Format: Calendar - Day by day calendar

Pages: 640 pages

Trim: 5.43 x 5.43 x 0 Inches

Territories: World

Category: Calendars & Planners | Puzzles & Games

Publisher: Puzzlewright

Carton Quantity: 30