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Modern Mystic 17-Month 2025 Planner

A Year of Spiritual Wisdom and Lore

By Union Square & Co. (Created)


Pub Date 6/18/2024

ISBN 9781454954392

Format Hardcover



Modern Mystic 17-Month 2025 Planner

A Year of Spiritual Wisdom and Lore

by Union Square & Co.
This beautifully designed, durable planner is filled with practical knowledge distilled from the most popular books in the bestselling Little Bit Of series. Written by expert authors, this series breaks down complex spiritual subjects into bite-size pieces of accessible, actionable information. Covering everything from auras, chakras, and crystals to dreams, palmistry, and tarot, it also includes monthly two-page views, weekly spreads, and note pages help you stay organized through the seasons. It is the perfect planning companion for those seeking metaphysical inspiration throughout the year.

Cassandra Eason is a practicing solitary white witch, an international author and broadcaster, and the author of over 150 books, including A Little Bit of Auras, A Little Bit of Crystals, A Little Bit of Palmistry, and A Little Bit of Tarot.

Chad Mercree is the coauthor of A Little Bit of Chakras, and has widely written and lectured on botanical and metaphysical subjects. Chad leads workshops throughout the US on meditation, spiritual awakening, and connecting spiritually and scientifically to the natural world around us.
Amy Leigh Mercree is a healer and teacher and the coauthor of A Little Bit of Chakras. Mercree speaks internationally at conferences and teaches workshops focusing on kindness, joy, and wellness. She has written articles for many magazines and websites.

Stase Michaels is the author of A Little Bit of Dreams. She has three degrees in psychology, has presented seminars across North America, and hosted a prime-time radio program on dreams and mystical topics. She runs an interactive website,