Zoe Brennan, First Crush

By Laura Piper Lee (Author)


Pub Date 1/21/2025

ISBN 9781454955221

Format Paperback



Zoe Brennan, First Crush

by Laura Piper Lee
Zoe Brennan may be the loneliest lesbian in Blue Ridge, but at least she has her family vineyard, a deep, abiding vendetta against her ex-best-friend-now-enemy, and the occasional meaningless hook-up to keep her busy.

When a prestigious wine festival announces it’s coming to Blue Ridge, it kicks off a battle royale among local vineyards vying for the opportunity to host it. Zoe’s in it to win it—getting chosen would put Brennan Vineyards on the map while also sticking it to the rival vineyard next door. But disaster strikes when Zoe’s father is called home to Italy to care for his sick mother, leaving Brennan Vineyards without a vintner.

Dejected, Zoe impulsively agrees to a blindfolded threesome with a friend and, excitingly, a stranger. After having the best sex of her life, Zoe’s horrified to discover the butch beneath the blindfold is none other than Laine Woods, Napa-trained vintner, Zoe’s first crush, and her enemy's big sister.The Napa-trained vintner, Zoe discovers, her father’s just hired as his replacement.

Laine assures Zoe they can put their sizzling one-night stand behind them, but Laine’s snobbery and Zoe’s pride collide at every step, creating a potent pour of sexual and professional tension. Zoe and Laine must learn to work together to win the wine festival, but when working together means late nights under the stars, letting go of the past, and learning each other all over again, Zoe has to be careful or Laine Woods might crush her heart for good.

Laura Piper Lee grew up in the swamps of rural Georgia. She enjoys the gratuitous use of italics, traveling with her extremely attractive husband, cuddling with her newborn son, and watching TV with her oldborn beagle, June Carter Cashley.

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Pages 336 pages

Trim 5.5 x 8.25 x 0 Inches

Territories World

Category Fiction

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