Mini Meta Crosswords

As Seen in The Washington Post

By Pete Muller (Author)


Pub Date 12/17/2024

ISBN 9781454955443

Format Paperback



Mini Meta Crosswords

As Seen in The Washington Post

by Pete Muller
This puzzle collection comprises sets of six 5-by-5 mini crosswords that contain a puzzle within a puzzle. After all six mini crosswords are solved, select one answer from each of the first five grids, in order, to make a five-word clue. The answer to that clue is hidden in the last grid, on a path winding through horizontally and vertically adjacent squares. Bite-size and accessible, these puzzles are a perfect introduction to meta crosswords for the casual solver, while the elegant construction will satisfy any crossword connoisseur.

Pete Muller has enjoyed solving crosswords since he was a teenager. He started creating them in 2005 and published his first New York Times puzzle in 2006. While Pete is known for his innovative and tricky puzzles, he places primary importance on creating a fun experience for the solver. For difficult puzzles, of course, this might involve an appropriate amount of torture! Pete has published puzzles in the New York Times, Fireball Crosswords, the Wall Street Journal, the LA Times, and others. The Washington Post started publishing the Muller Monthly Music Meta in 2019. In addition to creating crosswords, Pete is a musician and runs a quantitative investment firm. He lives in California with his wife and two children.

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