Tea Magic

Cozy Spells in a Cup

By Chloé Zarka Grinsnir (Author)


Pub Date 11/12/2024

ISBN 9781454955573

Format Hardcover



Tea Magic

Cozy Spells in a Cup

by Chloé Zarka Grinsnir
Brewing a cup of tea can lead to a variety of exciting magical practices, and Tea Magic is the perfect, gorgeously illustrated guide. 

A steaming cup of tea can be the perfect source of comfort on a brisk fall day—and, as Chloé Zarka Grinsnir's fascinating book reveals, it is also a potent form of magic that can be effortlessly used to add magic to day-to-day life. Little things done with intent can have great power, and the ritual of tea drinking itself can bring strength during difficult times, energize ordinary tasks with positivity when a new opportunity arises, or provide a deep and necessary connection to intuition in situations that may seem unclear. Tea Magic is beautifully decorated with illustrations of gorgeous tea cups, colorful teas, and the kinds of magical details that have made Chloé's art so popular online. But more than that, it's a thoughtful resource that covers topics such as the energetic correspondences of different kinds of teas and herbs, as well as the properties of accoutrements such as fruits, sweeteners, and milks. Optimal conditions for drying tea leaves and herbs for magical teas are covered, as well as unique practices such as using moon water in teas—and, of course, tasseomancy, or reading tea leaves for divination. Tea Magic is an essential, easy-to-use resource for anyone who would like to add tea to their spellwork, and a perfect gift for all kinds of tea lovers, even those who don't yet have a magical practice. 

Chloé Zarka Grinsnir is a freelance illustrator. She loves witchcraft and fashion, and she incorporates these things into her illustrations. She is obsessed with historical fashion, cottagecore, pretty dresses, and fall aesthetics. Chloé lives in Germany.

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Pages 144 pages, all in color

Trim 5.5 x 6.5 x 0 Inches

Territories World

Category Body, Mind & Spirit

Carton Quantity 44

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